PL: Course Staff Poll


I usually prefer to have ex-students on the course staff, so if anyone is interested, I would be happy if you’d let me know if you’re interested in doing it, and if you do, then when. (The form is at the bottom of this page.)

[It would also be helpful if you indicate that you don’t want to do it (or can’t), so I will know not to ask you.]


  1. What would I be doing?

    Generally speaking, there are two parts: grading work, and TAing: helping students with the material, with homework, and anything else that might be related (like running a tutorial session). Most people do both, but some prefer to only one:

    • Grader only: you’ll be listed as a “grader”, and will not need to hold TA sessions. You’ll still need to be available for office hours in case people need to talk about grading issues.
    • TA only: this is the flip side, and it is rarely done. (There’s also additional course related work that you can do if you’re interested: anything from writing new homework assignments to redesigning the web pages.)
  2. How much time is involved?

    The department has limits on the number of weekly hours allocated (usually 15), but I prefer to get more people and lighten the load. So usually it ends up being up to a maximum of 10 weekly hours at most — but that depends on how many people we manage to get on the staff.

    Having said that, I’m happy to accommodate requests to do the maximum number of hours if this is your preference.

  3. I’ll be on co-op / graduating / etc — can I do it?

    It used to be possible in the past, but now the department generally forbids hiring people who are on co-op or people that have graduated.

  4. I didn’t do too well in the class, so it’s not for me, right?

    Wrong! There’s generally no problem to be on the course staff, regardless of how you did. This is true for both the grading and the TAing aspects.

OK, what should I do?

Just fill out the form below. If it’s not visible for whatever reasons, you can go straight to the form page.