Programming Languages

This is the home page for the combined PL courses: CS4400 and CS5400.
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  Thursday, October 18th • Homework #4 is graded, see your grades on the handin server and see the Statistics
  Tuesday, October 16th • Homework #5 is closed, a solution is available on the handin server
  Friday, October 12th •  The midterm is on   Sunday, October 28th, 10:00am, at WVH 210 and 212
It will start roughly on 10am, and end at around 6pm, but the times can vary if needed: email me a few days before the exap if you need to start earlier or finish later.
  Friday, October 12th • Homework #5 is out, due on   Tuesday, October 16th, 11:00pm  (master homework),
Homework #6 is out, due on   Thursday, October 18th, 11:00pm
  Tuesday, October 9th •  Four sample midterms are available in the Exams Section, with solutions on the handin server
Please check this page often for course announcements.
See also the piazza group for class discussions.

(See the handin server for submitted homework, solutions, and grades.)