PL: Academic Integrity

Student Side

Please read this text entirely, and agree to it by following the included instructions. If any part of this is not something that you can agree with, or you think that there is some mistake, please let me know as soon as possible. Note that there are two goals of reading this and agreeing to it:

  1. Violations can be extremely unpleasant to deal with (on my side), and can have potential disastrous effects (on your side).
  2. My main goal in this course is to make sure that you learn the material (sounds like a cliché, but true). Cheating will not only counter that, it will also greatly increase your chances of badly crashing the PLQs, and ultimately your chance of failing.

The university’s OSCCR pages have extensive documentation on things like Academic Integrity and Code of Conduct. I assume that you are familiar with it, and know about things that you should not do. If you haven’t done so in the past, then please take a few minutes to review it now.

Instead of rehashing pieces of these texts, here are a few highlights of things that you should not be doing. These highlights are things that are hopefully obvious, but they are specific cases that have happened in the past — cases that did not end well.

Now that you’ve read this text, take a minute to internalize it. When you’re done, indicate that you agree with it by binding I-will-behave to a boolean value indicating your agreement.

The following is my side. Consider yourself strongly encouraged to read through it even though it’s not your requirements.

Teacher Side

It seems fair to also list here some my self-imposed requirements, beyond those that are part of the job.

OK. This was quite long. Hopefully it makes the points I wanted to make.