Programming Languages

This is the home page for the combined PL courses: CS4400 and CS5400.
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Monday, October 20th  •  Homework #7 is closed, a solution is available on the handin server
Saturday, October 18th  •  The midterm is on Sunday, November 2nd, 11:00am, at WVH 210
Note that you can come at any convenient time during the day, but be prepared to finish it by around 5pm; email me soon if you need to start earlier than 11am, or you’ll need to be done later. I’ll announce time changes on the piazza group.
Saturday, October 18th  •  Four sample midterms are available in the Exams Section, with solutions on the handin server
Saturday, October 18th  •  Homework #6 is graded, see your grades on the handin server and see the Statistics
Wednesday, October 15th  •  Homework #8 is out, due on Wednesday, October 22nd, 11:00pm  (master homework)
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(See the handin server for submitted homeworks, solutions, and grades.)