Midterm Date Poll

This is not a homework, it’s a poll for choosing a date for the midterm. Use it to indicate the days that work or don’t work for you. The format of your submission should be as the following example demonstrates:

#lang pl
(define 2018-10-20 5)
(define 2018-10-21 10)
(define 2018-10-27 5)
(define 2018-10-28 0)
;; On the 28th I have to scratch my cat's back


For each of these dates, you need to bind the date (actually an identifier that looks like the date) to an integer between 0 and 10 (inclusive). Use the following guidelines for your choices:

  1. I absolutely cannot make it on this day, see comment below
  2. I can make it on this day if I really have to
  3. This is a bad day for me, but I’ll do it
  4. I’d rather not have it on this day
  5. I slightly prefer a different day
  6. I don’t care if it’s on this day or not
  7. I slightly like this day
  8. Works fine for me
  9. This is a very good day for me
  10. I strongly prefer this day
  11. I’d love to have it on this day

In addition, if you absolutely can’t make it at a specific day and chose a 0, please include a comment with a brief explanation why you can’t do it then. Please keep it brief and to the point. We will contact you if it will end up being on that day to find some solution.

Keep in mind that the exam would run for most of the day, so if needed, you could start very early and be done by noon, or you could come late and start it in the afternoon. So please use a 0 only if you really cannot do it throughout the whole day.

When you’re done, submit it to the “midterm-date-poll” homework slot on the handin server.

Please do this ASAP. You will be nagged and bugged until you submit.

Note: the language is just #lang pl; you don’t need to worry about anything other than these definitions — no coverage, no types, no documentation.